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I love all opportunities to be crafty and to give gifts. So I am overjoyed when I’m able to combine the two. It’s been years since I’ve constructed a diaper cake but like riding a bike it all came back to me.  There are dozens of websites where one can purchase a diaper cake but where’s the fun in that? My advice for making your own scour through images on the interwebs for inspiration, shop for various baby items and start throwing things together. Besides being a lovely gift, a diaper cake can also be utilized as a centerpiece at the shower and/or the focus for a simple shower game. Have guests guess how many baby items it took to make the cake, the guest to guess the correct number (or come closest) wins a prize.

Need some tutorials on the items inside?

Another crafty idea I had to add to this post. With a little ribbon, felt & thread I came up with this cute way to wrap up the prizes for the winners of the games at the baby shower.